Thursday, December 27, 2012

Working on the chevron

 My youngest daughter, Lily, is pregnant and expecting a boy at the end of April.   Lily has fallen in love with the chevron patterns so popular right now.  A month ago, I found a quilt pattern on Lecien called Super Zig.   It is a chevron pattern formed by using strips.   Here is my sample

 Its really pretty and was really easy to do using strips 2 1/2" x 4 1/2".   Doing only one row made me use ALOT of setting triangles, which would not be necessary when you do more than one row.   I think this one shall become a table runner!

Then I saw a tip on an easy method of making HST.  (half square triangles).   You take two 5" charms squares and sew them together like this - 

 After sewing them together all the way around the square, you must press to set the seams - then take them to your cutting table.

They will be cut twice like this:

You will then get this:
Now, take them to your ironing station and press them open - viola! you have 4 HST's completed.  Do remember to carefully press as the outside edges are on the bias.
While pressing them, press half of the squares towards the light and half toward the dark.   This will help immensely when you begin to put them together.
Now you can begin to sew the squares together to form the chevron pattern and it is very easy.
When you make more than one row, you would need to sew another 2 1/2" strip of white between the two rows to create the chevrons or you could offset them for a different look.  I will have to let Lily decide which look she prefers.   Since she is going with a navy and white theme, I will keep this sample in case she likes it and incorporate it into the quilt.  When she decides, I will get busy and then share the finished quilt with you all. 

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