Monday, April 29, 2013

My newest diversion

Well, I've been a tad distracted lately.   My youngest daughter took a painting class with her friends while very pregnant.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Baking again

My house smelled so good yesterday and when we sat down for dinner this what we enjoyed!

This is by far the best sour dough I've made.   We loved everything about it.  Do you bake bread?


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hand Embroidered Display Quilt

Finished quilting this hand embroidered quilt top for our church group NP Comforts.  Doris G had the idea to make this and hang it in our church foyer so people would know who we are, ask questions and possibly want to join our group.  Doris will bind this when she gets home and then we'll take it up to the church.   Everyone in the group embroidered a block and Doris put it together. It shows that anyone can do this!



Fun Project

A few years ago I was in an apron swap and received a lovely apron made from a tea towel that I use most every day.  Tomorrow my mom and I have been invited to lunch at a friend's house.  Robin did not want us to bring anything so I made her this apron as a thank you.   This was so easy ( of course, I learned a few things NOT to do on the next one) that I will be making a few more!

The picture does not show the ruffle I put on the bottom, don't ask me why!   Since my embroidery machine is out of commission, I cut out and appliqued her initial on the front to personalize it.  I hope she likes hers as much as I like the one I got years ago.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby shoes

I found this pattern for baby shoes here

 and since my newest grandson will make his appearance in the next two weeks, I just had to try it.   
Aren't they cute?   My little Parker will look so cute in these.     And since they weren't too terribly difficult to make, I may just try another pair.   Hug

Embroidered Quilt Block Quilt Top

Finished putting the blocks together this afternoon and it is really striking.   Standing back and looking at it, I see it is going to need a border.   If I can't find the "perfect" print in my stash I will use the green mottled fabric that I framed the blocks in.  Here it is, borderless.

And here is a close up of one of the blocks.   Isn't it pretty?

When I begin the quilting, it will be my first attempt at custom quilting in the blank blocks.   I sure don't want to take away from the embroidered blocks.   Wish me luck.

Busy weekend

It feels great to have accomplished so much this weekend, all while going to my grandson's baseball game.  First I finished the cancer donation quilt.   I had sewn the jelly roll together many months ago and it sat in my "what do I do with this pile?".  

 And this is the back.

It's not fancy but its full of color and someone should love it!   At least the money it draws goes toward a good cause.   More in a few minutes!