Friday, December 28, 2012

Wonky Pinwheel Pillow

A few months ago I saw on a blog (click here ) how to do a wonky pinwheel block by taking a 4" square of fabric and drawing lines from one corner to each side and sewing another color fabric onto those lines, like you do with paper piecing.   I grabbed 4 beige squares and some purple scraps and made a block with them.   I was impressed how cool it looked so I tried 4 more squares, this time using some orange scraps and put both blocks together.   Then realized I needed two more of each color to form a very large block, about 14x14.   Today, I made this little cutie into a pillow.  Whatcha think?
Another hint - I save all my scraps of fabric and batting, cut them into small pieces and keep them in a bag.  When the bag is full, I cut two squares (for this project 15"), sewed together three sides and stuffed it with 3 bags of my scraps.  Viola! - a pillow form.   Saw this HERE  
I hope this inspires someone else to save and recycle!
Have a wonderful weekend and be creative!


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