Friday, November 16, 2012

A few things.....

International competition is over and what a competition it was.  We have new "queens of harmony" Touche quartet and North Metro Chorus from Canada are the chorus champions!  I am telling you, the precision with which they performed their package was awesome!  No pictures from there, sorry, its against the rules but you can go to the website and take a peak  

I have been busy catching up on some swap blocks
This is the stash block pattern that is a year long swap with different partners each month.  A great, easy block to make and wonderful scrappyness (is that a word?).

I've also made a few towels to swap in red and black (did you notice the cute scissor and tweezer?)

and this one with a Christmas flavor (forgot to press before taking the picture)

 I've also been doing a Studio redo.   Those pictures will be posted later. 


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