Thursday, March 18, 2010


Wow, it must really be that time of year. The babies are coming fast and furious (no pun intended, moms!)
A wonderful Grandma gave me some cloth diapers and asked if I could decorate them for burp cloths for her new granddaughter. Having never done such a thing, I said "sure!" This is my attempt at making burp cloths from the cloth diapers!

And these too. Did you know there are 12 diapers in each package?

These were actually alot of fun to make and Grandma Tina and granddaughter Paisley loved them!
Usually I make baby clocks for the newborns but I tried this framed embroidered piece for a change of pace and it turned out real cute. Opens up a whole new idea wagon for me! What do you think?

Not to give up my clocks, another precious baby girl needed one for her room. Funny how these two girls, born a month apart, have such similar names - Paisley Evelynn and Piper Evelyn. I hope Piper likes her cloth!

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