Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Sewing Room

I really prefer to call it a Studio but lately, I just call it a "mess". I was able to take over our garage for my sewing studio a few years ago and was just thrilled with all the space. But as all quilters know, you can never have enough fabric.
Two weeks ago we had a problem with our sprinkler system and of course, the controls are still in my studio. Because I have manage to "fill" up the studio, it was necessary to move things around to get to the box to finish the repairs. I have now worked for a week just to clear my cutting table and though it is not completely done, it is beginning to look great.
For all of you out there that think you have too much fabric, thread etc, these next pictures should make you feel much better. Beginning at the cutting table and working left....
You see my hanging rack full of beautiful fabric. What you don't see is the other side of the rack
full of more beautiful fabric. Below the rack are plastic tubs full of more fabric. Continuing left..

This corner shows you bolts of beautiful fabric (tiny in the picture) stacked on a counter top, my filing cabinet and batting roll. Going left you see more "stuff". It is this area I am working to clean up so I can set up my quilting machine and frame that I bought six years ago. Continuing left....

Here you see the beginning of the shelving my husband left me when he moved out of the garage. You can also see the wires, tubes and stuff for the AC unit installed and the sprinkler system. There are three usable levels of shelves for me to stack stuff on. The large plastic containers (you can't see the bottom shelf) holds my "sorted by color" fat quarter collection. The other containers have buttons, tape, glue, stabilizers, tulle, threads, ribbons etc.

Moving left, after the last of the shelving comes my ironing station (haha) with shelves above for all my magazines. Behind it are the plastic storage towers that hold most of my embroidery thread. The follows my baby, "SWF", and another thread caddie. Now we will look at my actual sewing area. Are we having fun yet?

Here is my new sewing table with my beloved Pfaff 7570 on it (this was my first embroidery machine and the cause of my addiction, lol). It is not usually this cluttered, but I have been working on my cutting table will be cleaned off again real soon. Then my great serger and to it's right is my second embroidery machine, Brother 2000. It is a gem. I still embroider on it and it sews great too.

Well that is all. Someone told my daughter that a cluttered desk, home, etc does not allow you to be creative - well, they are way wrong. I can work in clutter or in clean ( of course, I would prefer clean) but just because it is cluttered does not slow me down one bit. Time is my worst enemy. Anyway, I hope this make every one who sees this feel better about their space.
Hugs to all!

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Hanswife said...

wow I think I should come sew with you would be an adventure. I just bought a beginners embroidy machine. I love it but it's not enough and will need to upgrade soon.