Monday, February 2, 2009

Is it really 2009?

My goodness, how time does fly! I am so bad about posting - but then, I've not gotten alot of time for sewing either. But....... things are looking up!
Last month I was able to make some of the most darling scissor keepers from a pattern on the net.
Arent' these just the cutest?

Well, yesterday I was able to sew up another little set for a gift for my daughter Lily, in AR.
She is just learning to sew. She has a friend who is very artistic and I have been encouraging Lily to spread her wings and give it a go. She started doodling and wha-la, she is now doing pencil sketchings and painting. Now she and her friend are trying out "sewing". I just love it!

While the super bowl was playing on TV, my sewing machine was running a great game for me!
There was a free pattern on the net for a PC Caddy. I downloaded the directions and templates but decided I wanted to use a cardboard tube for the center to give it some real stability. Here is my interpretation.

Now today I thought I would do a little catch up on some baby gifts. Below is one of the baby clock faces I made and will insert into a clock. These make the nicest, most unexpected gifts.

Well, enough for today. I hope this New Year brings you much joy and lots of creative moments!

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